This solar-powered great horned owl decoy stands with a predatory pose to scare off birds and other small pests before they can damage your property

This 18"H Solar-Powered Owl Decoy with Rotating Head is hand-painted for realism with surprisingly life-like predatory features - you won’t find a more realistic owl decoy!

  • Extremely Realistic: Timed, solar-powered head movement appears natural to scare off annoying pests
  • Easy to Set Up: Simply secure the owl by tying in place, filling with sand or gravel or pole mounting
  • No Maintenance: No batteries required: you just need sunlight!
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made from recycled materials


  • Manufacturer #: SRHO-4
  • Repels: Protecting Lawns and Gardens from Rodents
  • Form: Repeller

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