One TeeJet SJ7-VR Variable-Rate Fertilizer Tip is like having five tips in one

The TeeJet SJ7-VR Variable-Rate Fertilizer Tip features a variable diameter orifice that produces a wide range of flow rates, so you get more uses from one tip. Improve productivity with a wider range of ground speeds and application rates. This SJ7-VR Fertilizer Tip is perfect for variable-rate prescription map applications. The SJ7-VR Fertilizer Tip produces seven identical fluid streams for excellent distribution quality in broadcast applications. Recommended operating pressure: 30–80 psi.

NOTE: Intended for use with flow meter-based control systems only.


  • Manufacturer #: SJ7-VR
  • Parts Diagram Number: DSSJ3-VR
  • Maximum Pressure: 80 psi
  • Maximum Flow: 0.93 gpm
  • Check Valve: No
  • Inlet Bypass Connection: Quick TeeJet

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