Tomcat Vertical Rat Bait Station

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USA Made


Tomcat Bait Stations provide security by keeping bait out of reach of children, pets, livestock and non-target animals. Bait Stations increase the effectiveness of any bait by protecting it from the elements and providing a sheltered area where rodents feel comfortable feeding. The Tomcat Vertical Bait Station can be positioned Horizontally, or Vertically for a smaller footprint. The single key design is easy to open and clean thanks to a removable tray. Tier 1 Station is proven resistant to children and dogs.

  • Can be used Horizontally or Vertically for a smaller footprint
  • Vertically: can hold 8 x 1oz. Bait Chunx.  Horizontally: can either hold a Tomcat Rat Snap Trap, Heavy Duty Mouse Snap Trap, or up to 4 x 1oz Bait Chunx
  • Single key design that can be used either keyed or keyless
  • Locking bait rods won’t fall out during cleaning
  • Removable tray for fast, easy bait replacement and cleaning
  • Tested for Tier 1 Security – proven resistant to weather and tampering by children and dogs
  • Multiple securing options: easily secured to a wall, or use rear mounting holes for securing to a fence or post
  • Large enough for rats, but can be used for baiting mice as well


  • Manufacturer #: 33446
  • Used For: Rodents