Non-repetitive volume and frequency levels create an environment that tells rodents to take a hike

Use this Victor Ultra PestChaser Rodent Repeller for large indoor spaces like garages, attics and basements to keep rodents away.

  • Great Coverage: Three speakers that provide maximum output and coverage
  • Won't Disturb People and Most Pets: Repels rodents by emitting high-frequency sound waves up to 100dB between 32 and 62 kHz that people and non-rodent pets cannot hear
  • Fast-Acting: Reduction in rodent activity should occur in 6 to 10 days
  • Easy to Use: Plugs into a 110V outlet and includes 6'L power cord
  • Safe: No poison make this safe to use around children and pets

Not for sale in Hawaii, New Mexico


  • Manufacturer #: M793
  • Form: Repeller
  • Repels: Repelling Rats and Mice


SDS for Ultra PestChaser® Rodent Repeller

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