Glasses help you identify plant stress or disease 2 to 10 days before it is visible to naked eye

Plant stress detection glasses block out the green colors reflected from chlorophyll found in healthy vegetation, making them look black or gray. Any off-colors caused by drought, disease or poor nutrition stand out as a glowing red, coral or pink color against the dark background. This helps identify problems from far away and allows you more time for reaction and treatment. Full-frame glasses have adjustable temples and a fixed nosepiece. Includes storage case.

Great for: •Turf Disease Control – Reduce disease spread, pesticide use and treatment costs •Watering Needs – Identify early wilting due to drought or under-watering •Maintenance Needs – identify poor-performing sprinkler zones •Weed Control – Locate weeds for pesticide application •Turf/Fairway Mowing – Observe mowed pattern reducing overlapping cuts •Tree Care – Identify tree disease or attack for earlier treatment


  • Manufacturer #: NG655-01
  • Anti Fog: No
  • Compliance: ANSI Z87.1-2003
  • Faceted Frame Color: Black
  • Faceted Lens Color: Purple
  • Frame Color: Black
  • Lens Color: Magenta, N
  • Over-the-Glasses: No
  • Polarized: No
  • Scratch Resistance: No