Universal live trap catches burrowing animals as they emerge

The cleverly placed opening at the bottom of this Universal Live Trap lets you set it over an animal’s burrow to capture them as they emerge. Can be used as a standard live trap with front and rear doors. Features 14-ga. Galfan® wire instead of galvanized wire for higher corrosion resistance and three times longer life. Live trap is large enough to hold woodchucks, opossums and skunks. 36"L x 11"W x 12"H. Includes 1" x 1" mesh, steel rod reinforcement, easy-release doors, carry handles and a handguard.


  • Manufacturer #: 53000
  • Height: 12"
  • Length: 36"
  • Width: 11"
  • Mesh Dimensions/Gauge: 1" x 1"

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