Give your plants the nutrients they need while keeping harmful weeds in check

WeedGuard Plus 3-3-3 Fertilizer Enriched Biodegradable Paper Weed Barrier is a 100% opaque weed barrier made from cellulose fibers.

  • Naturally porous paper controls weeds but allows air and water to penetrate
  • Warms soil to kick-start spring growth
  • Can be tilled into the soil or left to degrade at the end of the season
  • Made from renewable resources, with no petrochemicals

Easy to Use

  • Simply roll out the barrier
  • Sprinkle some water and soil on top
  • Poke holes and transplant seedlings
  • Let it degrade or till into the soil

WeedGuardPlus Biodegradable Paper Weed Barrier Comparison

– Effective and durable product that boosts production. Excellent flexibility.

– 52% heavier and 60% thicker than the standard weight barrier. Ideal for annuals with longer growing seasons.

3-3-3 Fertilizer Enriched – Contains 3% N-P-K and gives an efficient nutrient application directly to plants. Delivers 100lb. N-P-K/acre. NOTE: This item not listed for use in Certified organic use.

NOTE: Standard weight and heavyweight are allowed for use in organic plantings under the USDA National Organic Program Code 205.601. OMRI Listed.

This product is not eligible for promotional offers.


  • Manufacturer #: FRAV009724000000200
  • Material: Cellulose/Paper
  • Color: Soil Brown
  • Size: 24" x 200'

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