5 Great FELCO Tools and how to use them

Gemplers is here to make sure you have the best pruning and trimming supplies in your possession when the time comes to keep your plants healthy and productive, and vines trimmed for seasons to come. The most talked about and popular brand we carry is FELCO! Over the years, FELCO pruners, snips, and loppers have been praised continuously by the pros. Whether you are a vineyard owner, grower, landscaper, arborist, or someone who loves to take care of greenery, there is a FELCO for you. Here are the top five FELCO tools you need in your collection, and how to use them.

FELCO 2 hand pruner with free sharpener

FELCO 2: The First FELCO.

The FELCO 2, #2, F2, whatever you want to call it, is a true classic. The FELCO 2 is often one's “first FELCO” for those just starting off in the landscaping, growing, or greenhouse industries, it is an all-around great pruner that can get smaller jobs done with ease. This pruner is great for keeping plants, trees, and vines healthy, and can make cuts up to 1” in diameter. The strong, forged metal alloy handles and overall steel construction of this pruner allows for great reliability in the F2. FELCO pruners are crafted with care and will last you for years to come. All parts are replaceable if needed. When you shop for your F2 at Gemplers, we will throw in a free sharpener with every purchase, that is a $25 value you can only get at Gemplers. 

FELCO 7 Ergonomic Rotating-Handle Hand Pruner

FELCO 7: Advanced Ergonomic Pruner.

If you are looking for a more advanced ergonomic pruner, the FELCO 7 is for you! The most astonishing feature of the F7 is that it has a rotating handle that provides “swivel action” as you squeeze the handles, allowing for a clean cut without hand fatigue. The F7 is great for larger jobs that require precise cuts and all-day use, such as trimming in vineyards, pruning young trees, and the like. The F7 does take some getting used to, so if you are a beginner in the pruning field, another great option would be the FELCO 8, which has a fixed handle but still great for relieving the pressure of continuous use with its ergonomic shape. Additionally, Gemplers also carries a left-handed version of the ergonomic hand pruner, the FELCO 9.

FELCO® 321 Harvesting Snips

FELCO 321: The Perfect Snips.

The FELCO 321 is the perfect pair of snips for growers, greenhouses, florists, and pro-gardeners. The FELCO 321 is designed with long, straight blades that are rounded at the end, so as not to damage fruits, vegetables, or flowers when cutting and trimming. If you are looking for the perfect pair of snips for long days of harvesting and trimming, the FELCO 321 is for you. The stainless steel pin spring allows for easy movement all day, without strain on your hands or muscles. 

FELCO 22 Forged Aluminum Lopper

FELCO 22: Loppers that get the Job Done.

Not only is FELCO the go-to brand when you are looking for a long-lasting hand pruner, FELCO also has a variety of commercial-grade loppers, all in stock, right here at Gemplers. The FELCO 22 is one of the best loppers in the business. Made out of a light, forged aluminum material, the F22 will allow for all-day use, without the fatigue. Each blade is replaceable to save you time and money during pruning season. Make precise cuts on branches, bushes, and shrubs up to 1.5” in diameter. 

FELCO 600 Folding Pruning Saw

FELCO 600: The Innovative Saw.

The FELCO 600 is the greatest innovation in saws today. The unique design easily allows the saw to fold, keeping yourself and the blade safe while on the go. The FELCO 600 is great for cutting branches on new and growing trees, up to 2” in diameter. Trees and shrubs need to be pruned on a yearly basis, so you should have a tool that lasts season after season. The blade on the FELCO 600 is created from rust-resistant, hard-chromed metal to extend the life of the saw even more. 

FELCO is one of the most highly sought-after brands in the pruning category. The Swiss-made tools have a great reputation for living up to the expectations of professional landscapers, growers, nurseries, and more. Gemplers has everything you need to keep your grounds and plants looking beautiful and staying healthy and productive with the help of FELCO tools. Check out our FELCO Buyers' Guide for a complete overview of FELCO hand pruners and loppers. Get your FELCO today!