Say Goodbye to Pesky Rodents with 5 Pest Control Products

Gopher Hawk Gopher and Mole Trap

GopherHawk® Mole and Gopher Trap with Wedge-and-Probe Tool

Gophers and moles can cause some real damage to landscapes, lawns, orchards, vineyards, and farms. The GopherHawk® Mole and Gopher Trap with Wedge-and-Probe Tool is what the pros rave about when it comes to extracting those pesky critters once and for all. GopherHawk is an organic and safe way to capture and eliminate burrowing animals that wreak havoc on your green space. 

GopherHawk’s unique system of capturing and crushing unwanted pests allows for an instantaneous and humane kill, permanently preventing moles and gophers from causing future damage. GopherHawk comes with a wedge-and-probe tool that you will use to place the trap in the ground. From there, just insert the GopherHawk into the ground where the moles and gophers are burrowing, and your trap is set. No digging necessary! Once your culprit has been captured, the yellow catch indicator will appear above-ground to let you know your prey has been taken care of.

Refrain from cleaning the trap with soap and water or cleaner, as this may deter the animal from coming back to their tunnel. Additionally, be patient, it may take some time for the gopher or mole to investigate after the small disturbance in their tunnel, but it won’t be long before you catch those pesky critters. Don’t forget, you can purchase additional traps for the reusable wedge-and-probe tool. 

“Moles were tearing up my backyard so I went to war. After using a few methods like poison and clawlike traps to no avail, I had to give the gopherhawk a try. It worked perfect. Caught three moles in a week and they haven't been back. Easy to use and very effective.”  -Jovian P

Mole Eliminator® Trap

Mole Eliminator® Trap

No matter the species of mole, the Mole Eliminator Trap will get rid of them permanently. The Mole Eliminator Trap is easy to use and the best on the market; don’t fall for cheap knock-offs. The Mole Eliminator Trap involves no digging, no trip wires or cables, no sharp spears or hand snapping. This trap is easy to use, durable, and can stand up to years of use, season after season. When you are ready to place the trap, simply insert the closed jaws into the center of the mole’s tunnel. Then step straight down on the setting lever. The trap and trigger are now ready for use. The Mole Eliminator Trap also has a safety mechanism that automatically disarms when it is removed from the ground, so it’s safe to be set where pets and children may be at play. 

“This trap works great. We couldn’t catch anything with the other mole traps we bought. But we got 3 so far with this trap. Highly recommend it. We would never use another one.”  -Renee O

Victor Deadset Mole Trap

Victor® Deadset Mole Trap

The new Victor Deadset Mole Trap is the easiest trap to set on the market. It features an ergonomically designed handle and an oversized activator plate that can be pushed into place using hand or foot. The Victor Deadset Mole Trap can be triggered by the slightest movement, activating the precision-built, spring-loaded trigger system where spears are thrust into the ground, swiftly and humanely killing the mole in its tunnel. The Victor Deadset Mole Trap is the first of its kind to come fully assembled and ready for use as soon as you take it out of the box. The underground system keeps the harmful spears away from pets and children, and it can be used over and over again. 

Motomco Mole Killer

Motomco Mole Killer, Worms & Grub

Motomco is the leading brand in all things bait and poison for those pesky rodents. Take care of moles once and for all with Motomco Mole Killer. This poison is specifically designed to mimic a mole’s natural food source: earthworms and grubs. After a large amount of research and field testing, it was concluded that unlike rats and mice, the mole has an entirely different diet which makes most pellet bait ineffective. Therefore, Motomco has worm and grub varieties for the bait, and succeeds where other grain baits, repellants, and home remedies have failed. Moles can consume a lethal dose of Motomco Mole Killer in a single feeding and die in as little as two days. 

Motomco worm and grub mole killer is the only bait registered with the EPA using proven laboratory and field testing with live moles. This bait is effective, easy to use, and innovative. 

“Works great. Moles are gone in a couple days”  -Paul S

Yard Butler Bait Applicator

Bait Applicator for Moles and Gophers

Once you’ve selected your pro-grade bait, all you need now is a bait applicator by Yard Butler. Attracting moles and gophers is as easy as one, two, three. Use the bait applicator to first, simply fill the applicator reservoir with bait. Next, locate the mole or gopher tunnel by probing a mound until the probe drops into the tunnel. Lastly, turn the handle of the bait applicator twice to apply the bait into the tunnel. Motomco Gopher Bait is the preferred bait for this tool.

“This piece of equipment is a must for anyone having ground mole issues”  -Paul G