Top 10 Garden Tools for Tough Gardening Problems

The right garden tools are a gardener’s best friend. On the other hand, wimpy garden tools and gear can be a thorn in your side. The larger the garden plot, the bigger the problems, which means that the garden tools best-loved by professionals can solve your toughest garden problems. Gemplers Farm & Home Supply Company helps America’s hardest-working outdoor professionals work smarter, faster, safer and more comfortably. These popular problem-solving garden tools get rave reviews from our hardworking pros.


Top 10 Garden Tools Grampas Weeder

Problem #1: Weeding makes you feel like you’re 80 years old.

Garden Tool Solution: Grampa’s Weeder kills weeds without killing your back.

Grampas Weeder How to Use

This long-handled garden tool’s simple design saves your back while making quick work of removing stubborn weeds, root and all. Grampa's Weeder Weed Remover was invented in 1913 in Seattle, Washington, and people living in the Great Northwest quickly made it the must-have garden tool for getting rid of weeds quickly and easily. It’s lightweight, too, weighing in at just over three pounds. Get the weeder called Grampa’s, and you won’t feel like one after using it.


Top 10 Garden Tools Leaf Burrito 1

Problem #2: Toting a pile of garden debris away is harder than creating it.

Garden Tool Solution: Gempler’s Leaf Burrito & Leaf Burrito Tote

Haul without the brawl. This solution gets 5-star reviews from outdoor pros, making the back-breaking task of bagging leaves, hedge clippings, weeds, sticks and grass clippings a simple and eco-friendly experience.
Top 10 Garden Tool Leaf Burrito
It starts completely flat for instant loading, and then “burritos up” with heavy-duty zippers. Industrial-grade mesh won’t tear or collect water like plastic trash cans and bags. The 5' residential burrito holds 4+ large plastic bags of

leaves, and the 7' commercial burrito holds 6+ bags. The Leaf Burrito Tote hauls tools in breathable mesh that makes them easy to find, and then rinse off while in the tote. Haul harvested veggies and fruits, and rinse your harvest directly in the bag. Definitely a must-have for gardeners.


Top 10 Garden Tools Soil Knife

Problem #3: Magical disappearing tools.

Garden Tool Solution: Economical Soil Knife with High-Visibility Handle

Scrap the search for garden tools that get lost in the weed pile or soil while you’re working. This handy garden knife will never leave your side, thanks to its nylon sheath with a 4-inch belt loop. Even if you do lay this soil knife down, you’ll find it right away with its high-visibility handle. Outdoor pros love the versatility of this garden tool, sharpened on one side for slicing through soil and serrated on the other to easily cut through roots. Professional gardeners and landscapers also praise this tool’s durability.


Top 10 Garden Tools Gopher Trap

Problem #4: Pests that persist.

Garden Tool Solution: GopherHawk gets rid of gophers and moles once and for all.

Pesky gophers and moles destroy your hard work, but how can you get rid of them without digging or chemicals? This reusable garden tool removes unwanted burrowing pests from lawns, gardens, orchards and farm land, organically, safely and permanently. The GopherHawk Mole and Gopher Trap's snare system captures and crushes the pest, allowing for an instantaneous, humane kill. It’s super easy to set, involves no digging and clearly indicates when you’ve trapped your foe with a yellow above-ground indicator. Gophers, be gone!


Top 10 Garden Tools Mosquito Repeller

Problem #5: Mosquito repellent that’s as messy and offensive as the bugs themselves.

Garden Tool Solution: Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller

Outdoor professionals tell us that messy bug repellent sprays and lotions can be more pesky than the bugs themselves. The Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller is a safe, stylish and effective way to keep nasty mosquitoes at bay. The compact and stylish device looks great on any patio or deck, or tote it with you as you work in the yard or garden. This garden tool’s fuel cartridge creates heat to activate the repellent Allethrin, a synthetic version of a naturally occurring repellent found in chrysanthemum flowers. Heat disperses the repellent creating a 15-foot zone of protection. Mess-free, DEET-free, flame-free, noise-free. Best of all, you’ll be mosquito-free!


Bat House

Problem #6: Bugs are so bad, you need to send up the bat signal.

Garden Tool Solution: Attract helpful predators with a bat house.

If you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em (or find a predator that will). Invite friendly predators to help you with your fight against mosquitoes. One brown bat alone can eat 600 or more mosquitoes an hour, and this bat house fits 25-50 bats. Place approximately 12' to 15' off the ground facing south and within a few hundred yards of streams, marshes or lakes for improved results. Mounts easily on a pole or under the eaves of your house or barn.


Sugar River Chore Boots

Problem #7: Hot, tired, soggy feet.

Garden Tool Solution: Sugar River Waterproof Chore Boots

So waterproof, you may be tempted to garden in a downpour. Give mud and slop the boot with Sugar River Chore Boots, made of 100% waterproof neoprene and available in three heights. Tough enough for garden plot, pasture or pen, these hardworking boots are supple, comfortable, and easy to get on and off, with a rear kick plate. Rubber traction soles keep you stable on slippery surfaces, while removable cushioned EVA insoles make even the longest days tolerable. Put them to the test, through the next downpour day. Your feet will thank you.


Gemplers Cowhide Gloves

Problem #8: Finding garden gloves you truly love is a thorny business.

Garden Tool Solution: Gemplers Cowhide Gloves show your hands some love.

We hear garden pros say that finding the perfect garden glove can be a full-time job. Gloves that protect from thorns can often be stiff and uncomfortable, while form-fitting gloves sometimes don’t offer enough protection from abrasion. Get both with these Gempler's Cowhide Gloves with Drawstring Wrist. They’re made from choice leather for superior protection, durability and comfort. Available S-XL to fit gardeners of all sizes comfortably and with room to move. These garden-friendly gloves feature a drawstring that pulls snug around the wrist to keep out debris and reduce slippage.

This top-10 list of popular garden tools gets rave reviews from hardworking outdoor pros and will help you have a problem-free summer gardening and growing season. For more than 23,000 problem-solving products for hardworking folks, shop